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October 21, 2013
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Commission: Nightmare Night by Eosphorite Commission: Nightmare Night by Eosphorite
Another commissioned image from :iconjujytu: of her pony OC taking a walk through town on Nightmare Night.
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The picture in its entirety is very beautiful. The lighting is well done and the vision of what the commissioner wanted is easily shown. Despite it being extremely well done, there are a few things I can criticize. The moon is just a solid white, which takes away from the picture's depth and impact. It's too two dimensional, while everything else has a certain depth to it in the picture. The foliage is spot on and the fog/cloud cover gives that eerie effect of nightmare night. In my personal opinion the floating pumpkins could stand to be a bit more orange and a little less bright, but this is all opinion now isn't it? An excellent job on Rarity's wet mane. Also you portrayed Pinkie's nightmare night habits superbly, Rarity's annoyance with her sister, and Rainbow Dash's insatiable need to cause mischief. Really the only thing I dislike is that the moon doesn't have too much depth to it, other than that it's a beautiful work of art. The costume on the OC is really realistic, you have a good talent for foliage in you.
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You have once again captured my attention and allured my mind here with your artistic mastery! I love the overall theme of Nightmare Night and just the overall feel that I get from this piece! The darkness is so wonderful and I love how you accented it with many sources of gorgeous light that brings the night to life! I would have to say that perhaps the biggest thing that I love about this piece would have to be all of the flowing activity that is going on here! Each character is doing something different and I love the way that you have captured each character's essence and displayed it in the best way possible! Dashie is spinjing through the night sky on her cloud, Pinkie is being all that we expect from Pinkie, and wet mane Rarity! It is all just so great! The lighting and shading contrast is perhaps seamless and the character design is incredibly well done as always! I also love the way that you highlighted the moon here and just combined every fluid detail of this piece to make one amazing masterpiece! This is yet another fantastic piece from one who I am happy to call one of my very favorite artists and I cannot wait to see more of your exquisite art! Amazing work as always! Kind regards, Princess Luna
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theawesomeblossom Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow great picture!~ I'd love to be there with her, it looks like fun XD
theawesomeblossom Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here-for-the-ponies Nov 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is just so calming to look at. I love it.
Kh0nAn Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is that a malfurion stormrage disguise ^^ ?
I believe it's a timber wolf, maybe (the 'fangs' are the only bit that tipped me off).
Kamina Belle and Wet Hairity are adorable in this, but Karate Action Pinkie is probably my favorite bit.

:iconmadpinkieplz::iconsays3plz:"Mister Neighyagi say, OLD GRAPES AREN'T CANDY!"
Pony-Berserker Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha, that Rarity in the background :D

great job!
Beautifully detailed. Pinkie Pie's fierce candy gathering is my favorite part.
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